waterproofing Chimney

Your waterproofed chimney protects this valuable home asset from harsh Buffalo weather, both on the inside and on the outside. The most harmful element your chimney faces is arguably moisture. This home invader is especially prevalent during the late fall, winter, and spring here in Buffalo. This is when your chimney goes through cycle after cycle of freezing and thawing.

This continuous cycle can very easily lead to bad cracks and mortar and brick separation on the inside and outside of the chimney. This happens often on older homes, from a stretch of tough winters, and sadly, poor craftsmanship. Over time, bricks and mortar separate, causing bricks to loosen and potentially fall off. It is because of these times your chimney will have to be repaired or replaced. Properly waterproofing chimneys prevent these issues from starting.

Shown is a brick chimney in Buffalo that is in need of chimney waterproofing and sealant

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Chimney

Waterproofing chimney’s ensures your chimney, including the brick and mortar, stay free from moisture. This preventive step will keep your chimney dry, safe, and intact, no matter the harsh weather here in Buffalo.

Proper waterproofing chimney bricks will include sealing the chimney brick, chimney crown, chimney breast, flashing, and mortar. Proper chimney waterproofing will last 20 years. But sealing your chimney every 10 to 15 years will be considered a very well maintained chimney.

Chimney sealant is water-based. This is the preferred sealant over solvent-based because it works equally well and is much safer and easier to work with. When choosing a sealant it’s best to purchase higher quality variations. There’s a very noticeable difference between a value sealant and some of the best on the market.

A value sealant may last 5 years, while some of the best will last 15+ years. It’s well worth it to spend the extra few dollars. We only use the highest quality chimney sealant at Buffalo Chimney Sweep.

You may need a seasoned chimney expert, knowledgable in Buffalo’s seasons, while you own your home. You will want one who understands your chimney walls but also has a vast knowledge of waterproofing sealants. Your choice is Buffalo Chimney Sweep.

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