Chimney Inspections

Your health and safety are important above all. As is the case, we make sure that your chimney meets the bar set by chimney sweeping organizations, associations, and agencies. Our inspectors will carry out a thorough and in-depth analysis of your entire chimney. This includes a careful inspection of your firebox, flue pipe, smoke ducts, dampers, flashing, crown, and chimney caps by our expert chimney inspectors.

We’ll let you know if its present condition meets the safety standards set by these organizations. However, these organizations review and update chimney safety regulations every year to keep homeowners, families, and structures safe. Therefore, a professional should inspect your chimney once a year. This gives you peace of mind staying relevant and appraised on safety measures while keeping your home and family safe.

Shown is a brick chimney in Buffalo, NY that has gone through a chimney inspection and has passed.

Chimney Inspection for Your New Home

Thinking of moving into a new house? Does structural damage from a recent storm worry you that your chimney has suffered some damage? You can ease those fears by getting a video chimney inspection. A video chimney inspection is a more thorough option. It gives in-depth information that easily ascertains the true condition of any chimney. Additionally, you and fire damage inspectors can use this report for insurance purposes. At Buffalo Chimney Sweeping, after we conduct the video inspection, you will receive a copy of the report.

Professional Chimney Inspection

It’s important to have a professional inspect your chimney. Although it may be tempting to undertake an inspection yourself, it’s still best to have a professionally trained expert look. They will know exactly what to look for, understand why it’s happening, and finally put together a plan for repair. Additionally, inspections can be dangerous as they require roof access, which also requires proper safety harnesses.

These important inspections can easily take place when we are cleaning your chimney. However, we understand a lot of rural homeowners, who rely on wood to warm their homes in winter, clean their own chimneys. These chimneys still require proper inspections. If you have or see something that concerns you, please don’t hesitate to give Buffalo Chimney Sweep a call.

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