Chimney Cap and liner Installation

Your Chimney Cap and liner is essentially the metal underworkings of your chimney. Your stainless steel cap can last indefinitely. However, your stainless steel liner can last up to 20 years. The installation of a cheap stainless steel liner could last as little as 5 years.

Installation of Chimney Caps​

A chimney cap and liner installation can help you reduce the number of things you need to repair and clean in your chimney. This preventive measure is oftentimes easier and cheaper than chimney repair and costs.

A common problem homeowners with chimneys encounter is that of birds and rodents seeking refuge in the chimney. However, a correctly installed chimney cap will ensure you never have rodents in the home or stuck in your chimney. 

Another advantage of a chimney cap is that it offers your chimney a great measure of protection from the elements. We all know Buffalo gets a blanket of snow every winter and rain throughout the year. This freeze-thaw cycle is disastrous for unprotected brick, stone, and masonry. However, with a chimney cap, your flue tile, liner, crown, and chimney is a lot less likely to degrade or see damage. With a simple call, get your very own clean or installed chimney cap cleaned in no time.

Shown are two stainless steel chimney caps and liners in Buffalo, NY. The background is red circles tiles.

Stainless Steel Liner installation

We determine a chimney’s efficiency by how structurally sound it is. Often times, there could be significant damage to the gas liner inside the chimney, while the outside looks perfectly fine. This is one reason why the need for carrying out regular inspections on your chimney cannot be overemphasized. Continued use of your chimney with a damaged gas liner puts you at risk of a chimney fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

At Buffalo Chimney Sweep we will carry out a detailed inspection of your chimney liner and spot any such problems. From there we offer quality stainless steel liner replacements that will serve you for years and decades to come.

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