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About Buffalo Chimney Sweep

Thank you for considering Buffalo Chimney sweep for your next chimney or fireplace service!

Call us old fashioned, but here at Buffalo Chimney Sweep we are all about cold snowy day and our rain storms that bring in thunder and lightning – more severe the better, I say. There’s something comforting in having a nice warm fire as you cuddle with loved ones, read books, play games or simply watch the football game or something on Netflix. It’s a great contrast between the two environments of dry and warm and cold and wet that provides a feeling of safety, comfort, relaxation, and happiness.

Here at Buffalo Chimney Sweep, we have the benefit of feeling these emotions of safety and pleasure, because we know our chimneys and fireplaces are safely functioning as they should. And we know they are functioning properly because they are maintained and serviced at a timely manner. They are cleaned and clear of soot, creosote, and any other possible obstructions. Our chimney liners, masonry, bricks, and tile are all in great condition.  

You deserve to experience these great feelings at your home too.

That is our goal. That is why we do what we do. That is what we are about. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe and warm. 

Before you light your fireplace or wood stove in the fall for the first time, or before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season rolls around when you’ll be using your fireplace more often, and before we get into the heart of winter when soot and creosote have had time to build up, please give us a call so we can give you that feeling of warmth and safety.     

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