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A neglected fireplace is a high risk for house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and expensive chimney damage. You shouldn't have to worry about the safety of the home you provide your family

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The presence of chimneys in any household always adds something special and magical to the home. There’s usually nothing better than sitting with the family around a clean fireplace hearth with a hot beverage on chilly nights. This is why it’s very important to make sure that whether it’s currently in use or not, you keep your chimney and flue clean and in perfect working condition. Keeping your fireplace clean and creosote-free does more than give you a cozy place to hang around when Buffalo nights get cold. It also ensures that you’re safe and reduces the chances of a fire accident occurring in your home.

Chimney sweeping is the best way to make sure your fireplace is as clean and as safe as can be. However, chimney cleaning isn’t as easy as it sounds. We strongly recommend you not try to do the heavy-lifting on your own. It is best you employ the services of a professional chimney cleaner who has the extensive training and man hours in the art and skill of inspecting, cleaning fireplaces, and maintaining the structure of your chimney.

Where do you find people who value keeping your fireplace as neat and as safe as you do? If you’re in Buffalo, NY or its environs, then worry no more because we’ve got you covered! At Buffalo Chimney Sweep, we offer chimney cleaning service that’s second to none in all of Buffalo New York.

Our Specialty is Chimney Cleaning

Making a chimney and fireplace clean and safe for use goes beyond just chimney sweeping and brushing surfaces. It is a delicate process that involves careful inspection of the structure and integrity of the chimney and fireplace, attention to detail, safety, and special chimney sweeping tools and equipment to ensure that everything from your fireplace glass and brick, to your flue pipes and chimney caps, and also living room is spotless.

At Buffalo Chimney Sweep, we take great pride in our work. So whether you use a
wood stove or a brick and stone chimney, with us, you’re in very capable hands. This is one reason why we have remained the favorite household chimney sweeper in Buffalo, New York. We understand just how harmful a dirty and damaged chimney can be to your home and take it as a point of pride to make sure that whenever you’re left with a clean and safe fireplace, you’re left smiling. To that end, here is a list of some of our services.

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Why Is It Important To Keep
Your Chimney Clean?

It’s important to keep your chimney clean under two conditions. The first is when you use the fireplace place very often. This is very common in Buffalo where many homes have wood burning fireplaces. When you burn wood in your fireplace, something called creosote forms. Creosote is what you get when the smoke from burning wood enters your chimney and combines with water and cold air located near the top of said chimney. As a result of the mixing of these various elements, the smoke becomes solid and attaches itself to the inner lining of your flue and chimney.

The more you use your fireplace, the greater the quantity of creosote in your chimney becomes. You may be wondering why this is an issue. After all, smoke is a normal product of fire. Well, one property of creosote is that it is extremely flammable. This means that leaving creosote sitting in your fireplace puts your home at risk. If you’ve observed any or all of the following signs, then it’s important you stop using your fireplace and have the creosote thoroughly cleaned out as soon as possible. 

  • Waves of smoke thicker than usual enter the house whenever you use the fireplace

  • A strong smell of something burning, or

  • Unusual sounds such as something cracking or popping in your fireplace

The second condition is if you don’t use your fireplace often, if at all. Now, you may be wondering; why would I need to clean out something I don’t even use? For all anyone knows, it’s probably not even dirty. Well, you may be right. Let’s see what happens when you don’t use your fireplace.

When you don’t use a chimney for an extended length of time, it usually becomes very cool and comfortable. This means that one of your biggest concerns when you have an unused fireplace is rodents and birds. They make themselves at home and build nests as well as leave undesirables behind. It isn’t advisable to remove these “squatters” on your home as it may be dangerous and in some cases, even illegal. 

Your next concern when you have an unused chimney is water damage. The constant contraction and loosening the walls undergo during the process of freezing and thaw in Buffalo can take a huge toll on the integrity of the walls of your chimney. Yet another thing you’ll need to worry about is the natural dirt and debris that comes with leaving a place unused for a lengthy duration of time. 

These reasons are why it’s very important not to underestimate the importance of keeping your chimney sparkling clean.

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What Happens When Your Chimney Gets Too Dirty Or Damaged?

Sometimes, you might keep putting off getting your fireplace professionally cleaned because you don’t feel it’s that important. It’s even possible that you might not really see what all the fuss is about. So, what happens to your chimney (and by extension your house) when it gets too damaged or dirty? We believe that keeping your chimney in good shape is a really big deal, and we’ll give you four reasons why.

It Can Cause Respiratory Complications

It’s true. The longer you leave your chimney untended to, the higher the risk of developing breathing problems. The primary reason for this is the buildup of creosote in the dirty chimney. What’s more, family members who already have breathing problems like asthma are at higher risk. You needn’t worry much though because a quick call to Buffalo Chimney Sweep today will rid of that pesky matter.

It Can Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

This remains one of the most common results of leaving dirt and creosote to build up in your chimney. Carbon monoxide is a normal byproduct of burning wood so it is basically unavoidable. A dirty chimney and damaged chimney liners makes it difficult for the gas to escape the house. This is because the combination of damage, dirt, and creosote in the chimney block the normal pathways the gas is supposed to pass. This means that whenever you use the fireplace, you breathe in the harmful gas.

Because carbon monoxide is odorless, without a detector, you wouldn’t know you were taking it in. Inhaling this gas in copious quantities over an extended period can cause anything from heart complications to even death. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Install a carbon monoxide detector and get your chimney cleaned and inspected by experts at Buffalo Chimney Sweeping now.

It Can Cause Severe Eye And Skin Irritation

In addition to causing severe breathing complications, keeping a dirty chimney can also really hurt your eyes and skin. The most harmful element in a dirty fireplace is creosote. This substance can cause a really painful reaction when it comes in contact with your eye or skin. Like carbon monoxide, generating creosote when you use your fireplace is inescapable. The best thing you can do is make sure to clear it out often enough to prevent any significant buildup of the substance. .

It Is A Fire Hazard

A dirty or poorly cleaned chimney causes more fires than you would expect. The creosote found in your chimney catches on fire readily. Should a fire start in a dirty chimney, the dirt will only serve as tinder and help the fire spread to the rest of the house. You could stop that before it even happens. Simply get your chimney cleaned.

All services are provided by a licensed and insured chimney professional.